Inheritance Law is a set of rules that regulates the fate of the rights and debts and other legal relations of a person we call the inheritor, which do not end with his death. In short, the Law of Inheritance regulates who will succeed the deceased in terms of the aforementioned situations and who will succeed to him/her due to death.  

Tereke refers to all the private law relations that pass to the heirs upon the death of a person. 

The heir refers to the person to whom the legal fate of the private law relations belonging to him/her is regulated upon his/her death.  

The heir is the person who has the right to the inheritance of the heir in the capacity of a successor. Heirs are divided into two as legal and appointed heirs. If the heir is called to inheritance by law, it is called legal heirship; if the heir is called to inheritance by the will of the heir, it is called appointed heirship. Among the legal heirs, there are also heirs with reserved shares. These are also called to inheritance in accordance with the law. However, the heir must definitely leave a certain part of their inheritance shares to these people.  

Social and human relations within the family, local customs, social trends, conflicts of interest often cause inheritance law disputes. As Mustafa Özerdem Law Office, we operate in the field of inheritance law with our 27 years of experience and experienced staff and continue to provide services in this context.  

As Mustafa Özerdem Law Office; Some of the main services we provide to our clients in the field of“Inheritance Law” :

  • Certificate of inheritance regarding the shares and ratios of the heirs from the inheritance Representation by proxy in lawsuits and transactions
  • Preparation of a will
  • Preparation of inheritance sharing agreements
  • Filing and pursuing lawsuits regarding the rights and receivables related to the surviving spouse's share of inheritance
  • In cases where the heir violates the reserved shares of the heirs with reserved shares in his/her lifetime or by making death-dependent dispositions, the follow-up by filing a lawsuit for restitution
  • Preparation and follow-up of the cases for the determination of the inheritance
  • Filing and prosecution of the muris collusion lawsuit for the cancellation of the transfer transactions made by the muris in order to deprive the legal heirs of the assets
  • Since disinheritance is made by will, when the conditions for an annulment action are found, an annulment action may be filed and pursued
  • Filing and follow-up of lawsuits regarding the rejection of inheritance
  • Filing and pursuing lawsuits for the annulment of the will
  • In the event that the assets in the estate of the heir cannot be shared among the legal or appointed heirs, filing and pursuing a lawsuit for the elimination of the partnership
  • Preparation and execution of the process regarding the termination and annulment of the inheritance contract
  • Filing of equalization lawsuits regarding inheritance share and representation by proxy